Stunt Scoring

Score keeping

Here are Excel files to help you process scores for F2B contests.  The files should work in Microsoft Office 2007 and later.  Other Spreadsheet programs may not handle them.

Entering each competitors details in the first worksheet automatically starts a competitor’s score sheet in the second. Filling in each competitor’s scores records the score and total, and adds it to the overall results table showing round scores, overall totals and the place order. Note that in this version of the spreadsheets, the start time must be entered as zero, to conform with the FAI Sporting Code.

Should you have trouble downloading these files directly, download the zip folder with all the files.

Please read Read Me!

Read Me – do read before using the files.

F2B – for contests with two circles in use.

Classic – for contests with just one circle in use.

Fly Off – for fly offs.

Score sheets

Score sheets for F2B, Class 2, Vintage and Barton Beginner.

Judging at Girton