Calendar 2021

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F2b Training daySat 24 AprilBuckminsterM Jonesemail.
BMFA 1st CentralisedSun 25 AprilBuckminsterM. Jonesemail.
Training day15 MayBuckminsterM. Jonesemail.
BMFA 2nd Centralised16 MayBuckminsterM. Jonesemail.
Old Warden22-23 MayOld WardenPaul Winteremail
Training day29 MayLeicesterM. Jonesemail.
BMFA 3rd Centralised30 MayLeicester
M. Jonesemail.
Ray Malstrom Cup6th JuneGirton, CambridgeSteve Mynot07757 407309email.
Clapa Champs
18 - 20 JuneBuckminsteremail
Training day3 JulyBuckminsterM. Jonesemail.
BMFA 4th Centralised4 JulyBuckminsterM Jonesemail.
Chiltern Cup11 JulySlip End, LutonRex Landon
Old Warden25-25 JulyOld WardenPaul Winteremail
Training day24 JulyBuckminsterM. Jonesemail.
BMFA 5th Centralised25 JulyBuckminsterM. Jonesemail.
World Champs
7-15 August
BMFA Nationals28 - 30 August?
Old Warden
F2b on Suturday
18-19 SeptOld WardenPaul WinteremailF2b on Saturday
Training day18 SeptBuckminsteremail.
BMFA 6th Centralised18 - 19 SeptBuckminsterM Jonesemail.
Doug Blake Trophy28 SeptSlip End, LutonRex Landon