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Absent Friends Trophy Competition Regulations (2023)

The contest will be flown in accordance with the BMFA Vintage stunt regulations

1/ All models to be flown on lines no longer than 16 metres (52 feet 6inches)

2/ Engine choice can be either Diesel or Glow plug. Maximum capacity for two stroke 0.25 cu. Ins. (4 cc) For four stroke engines 0.30 cu. Ins. (5 cc)

3/ The size of the model must be as per the published plan, scaling up or down not allowed, but the internal structure can be altered. All models will be subject to a pull test of 10 times the weight of the model on its controls. Adjustable line spacing allowed as is Wing tip weight boxes.

4/ As stated, the line length of up to 16 metres from the centre of the handle to the centre of the model and the lines 0.30mm minimum diameter stranded.

5/ Models can rise off the ground or be hand launched. NOTE: Hand launched models will not be awarded take off points, although points will be awarded for launch within 1 minute.